Learning Outcomes

Aims and Objectives

OSOC aims to:

  1. Help students develop a good understanding of the real world through first-hand practical experience locally and/or overseas.
  2. Provide a training platform for students to apply knowledge and skills acquired.
  3. Assist students to better develop social awareness, critical thinking and analytical ability so that they can identify practical solutions to complex problems.
  4. Develop and promote the concept of service learning and aptitude in becoming a servant leader.

Student Learning Outcomes

OSOC is expected to further nurture students as whole person with seven important HKBU Graduate Attributes through first-hand practical experience. By participating in different kinds of off-campus learning programmes, students are expected to:

  • Be responsible citizens with an international outlook and a sense of ethics and civility
  • Have up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of an academic specialty, as well as a broad range of cultural and general knowledge
  • Be independent, lifelong learners with an open mind and an inquiring spirit
  • Have the necessary information literacy and IT skills, as well as numerical and problem-solving skills, to function effectively in work and everyday life
  • Be able to think critically and creatively
  • Have trilingual and biliterate competence in English and Chinese, and the ability to articulate ideas clearly and coherently
  • Be ready to serve, lead and work in a team, and to pursue a healthy lifestyle

Social Impact

The social impact can be enormous. It makes students better citizens, supports their moral and intellectual growth, enriches their cultural experiences, and infuses the classroom and campus with a passion for learning. It extends the reputation of the University and Hong Kong beyond the region, increasing the cultural understanding. It enables partners to diversify their operations and secure forward linkages with future employees, students, and so forth.