PhD (Psychology), HKU
MPhil (Psychology), BNU
Research Focus :
Educational Psychology
Personality Psychology
Representative Publications :
Luan, H. & Shu, H.,et al. (2001) The Characteristics and Factors Affecting Children Character Output under Dictation. Psychological Development and Education, 17(1): 1-5.
Luan, H. & Shu, H. (2002) Developmental Deep Dyslexia in Chinese: A Case Study. Acta Psychologica Sinica. Vol 34(4): 338-344.
Ho, C.S.-H; Chan, D.W.-O; Tsang, S. VM , Lee, S. VH,& Luan, H. (2004) Cognitive profiling and preliminary subtyping in Chinese developmental dyslexia. Cognition. Vol 91(1): 43-75.
Shu, H.; Meng, X. VZ.; Chen, X.; Luan, H.& Cao, F. (2005) The subtypes of developmental dyslexia in Chinese: Evidence from three cases. Dyslexia: An International Journal of Research and Practice. Vol 11(4): 311-329.
Luan, H.; Ho, C.S.-H. The comparison of cognitive profiles and instruction methods among dyslexic in Beijing and Hong Kong. (Manuscript to be submitted to Journal of educational psychology).
Luan, H., Ho, C.S.-H, et. al.. (Manuscript under preparation) The training effectiveness of tier one intervention among grade one students in Hong Kong.
  Contact :
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Tel : 3411 - 3086
Fax : 3411 - 3357
E - mail : vhluan@hkbu.edu.hk


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