Upholding the Whole Person Education philosophy of the University, the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Hong Kong Baptist University established the non-credit bearing Internship Programmes in AY2005/06 for its undergraduate students. Internship provides an invaluable education experience for students and better prepares them for future career. It is a strategy in applied learning and a structured programme developed and supervised by the Faculty in collaboration with Partner Organisations. It is also a good vehicle to facilitate the employment of our graduates by reputable Organisations, to promote the University among the local community and to nurture a group of potential freshmen in workplace. From AY2011/12 onwards, the Faculty introduced a credit-bearing internship programme which allows students to gain the real-work experience and obtain credits from the internship at the same time.

Internship Features

The training and educational based Social Sciences Internship includes two options:

    • Credit bearing (a 3-unit Free Elective course)
    • Non-credit bearing

    Summer / Term Time internship

    Student Interns are flexible to undertaking internship for one semester during Summer, Semester 1 or Semester 2 according to their study plan.


    Before the internship, Pre-internship Training will be provided for the Student Interns to acquire the business etiquette, resume writing, interview skills and interpersonal skills required for succeeding in a workplace.


    With the educational and training purpose, the Student Interns will be supervised and assessed by both the Internship Supervisor (to be assigned by the University) and the Agency Supervisor (to be assigned by the Partner Organisation) during the internship. Student Interns are required to maintain a regular communication with the Internship Supervisor to report the internship progress.


    To complete the internship, the Student Interns are required to submit reports and conduct an oral presentation at the end of the internship.

Internship Period

    Student Interns have to obtain a minimum of 240 work hours at the Partner Organisation for one semester (Summer, Semester 1 or Semester 2) in accordance with a work schedule agreed by the Partner Organisation and the University.

    One Semester

    • June to August (Summer)
    • Late-August to November (Semester 1)
    • January to April (Semester 2)
    Internship period Working mode:
    Summer (Jun to Aug) Full-time (5-6 days/ 40-48 hours per week)
    Semester 1 (Late-Aug to Nov) Part-time (2-3 days/ 16-24 hours per week)
    Semester 2 (Jan to Apr) Part-time (2-3 days/ 16-24 hours per week)