pre-internship training

Training Workshops will be provided for the Student Interns to acquire the business etiquette, resume writing, interview skills and interpersonal skills required for succeeding in a workplace.

All Student Interns are required to fulfil the requirement of pre-internship training in order to proceed to the placement application stage.

placement application

Available placement list will be provided for the shortlisted students who completed the online orientation quiz and pre-intenrship training for placement application. Their job applications will be referred to the Partner Organisation for further selection.

internal interview

Internal Interview will be conducted by the Office of Off-Campus Learning, Faculty of Social Sciences (OOCL) for further assessment on student applications according to below areas:

  • Commitment and Motivation
  • Courtesy and Manners
  • Communication Skills and Oral Presentation
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Internship Preference
external interview

External Interview might be conducted by the Partner Organisations.

During the internship


Students have to work at the Partner Organisation in one semester (Summer, Semester 1 or Semester 2) in accordance with a work schedule agreed among the Partner Organisation, Student Intern and the University. Student intern should commit to work for at least 5 consecutive weeks and fulfil a minimum of 200 work hours*.

Remarks: * The minimum requirement on work hours will be changed from 240 to 200 with effective from internship starts from June 2020.

work under supervision

During the internship, Student Interns should work under the instruction and guidance of their Faculty Supervisor (to be assigned by the Faculty) and Agency Supervisor (to be assigned by the Partner Organisation). Student Interns are advised to maintain a regular communication with the Faculty Supervisor, either via phone or email, to report the internship progress.

orientation report

An Orientation Report will be submitted via the Online System regarding the learning objectives and expected outcomes of the internship based on the advices from the Agency Supervisor. The report should contain at least 200 words of learning expectation and is due within ten days after the commencement of the internship programme.

For more details of the assignments, please refer to Overview > Assessment

monthly attendance log record

Student Interns are required to complete the Monthly Attendance Log Record with the endorsement from their Agency Supervisor, and submit via the Online System at the end of each month but not later than 5th of the following month.

final report

A Final Report will be submitted via the Online System by the end of the internship to present Student Interns’ understanding and reflection on their work experience.

For more details of the assignments, please refer to Overview > Assessment


oral presentation

Student Interns will prepare a presentation video to share their internship learning experience encountered.