Job Posting for Social Sciences Internship

Thank you for your support in providing job opportunities for nurturing the students with practical trainings. Partner Organisations are welcome to post the job opportunities via the Online Job Positng System according to below schedules.

Job Posting Schedule

    Intended Internship Period Internship Mode Job Posting Status
    SSI 2020 Summer, 2020
    (Jun to Aug 2020)
    Deadline: 20 March 2020
    Semester 1, AY 2020/21
    (Late-Aug to Nov 2020)
    Semester 2, AY 2020/21
    (Jan to Apr 2021)
    Open for Job Posting
    in October 2020

    The above schedule is for reference only. Please stay-tuned with the Programme webpage for the latest announcement and updates. Thank you.

Internship Arrangement

Internship period

Student Interns have to work at the Partner Organisation for one semester (Summer, Semester 1 or Semester 2) in accordance with a work schedule agreed by the Partner Organisation and fulfil a minimum of 200 work hours*

  • Summer (June to August): full-time basis (5 full days/ 40 hours per week) for at least 5 consecutive weeks
  • Semester 1 (Late-August to November): part-time basis (2 full days/ 16 hours per week)
  • Semester 2 (January to April): part-time basis (2 full days/ 16 hours per week)

* The minimum requirement on work hours will be changed from 240 to 200 with effective from internship starts from June 2020.

Internship Nature

Given the training and educational nature of the internship, there is no employer-employee relationship between the Partner Organisation and the Student Intern. Student Interns will be enrolled in a 3-unit Free Elective course (in Pass/Fail grade).

The Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW) and Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) do not apply to the students with no employment relationship with the host organisation or company. If an employer-employee relationship has to be established, the Student Intern undertaking the credit-bearing internship will be exempted from the SMW but the Organisation is required to contribute to the Intern’s MPF if a continuous employment period of not less than 60 calendar days is established.


Provision of meal and transportation allowance for Student Interns is most welcome. This would help provide financial support and encouragement to them.


The Student Interns will be supervised and assessed by both the Faculty Supervisor (to be assigned by the University) and the Agency Supervisor (to be assigned by the Partner Organisation) during the internship.

Internship Agreement

Internship Agreement stating the internship nature and details, will be signed between the University and the Organisation before the start of the internship. Any special arrangement should be consulted the University in advance, and it must be mutually communicated and agreed among the University, the Organisation and the Student Intern.


More about the Programmes, please download our fact sheet or visit OVERVIEW