Department Staff FAQs

  1. What are my responsibilities as being an Faculty Supervisor?
    An Faculty Supervisor is assigned by the Faculty of Social Sciences (the Faculty) to provide the Student Intern with advice throughout the internship. The Faculty Supervisor (previously called Internship Supervisor) will be responsible for the following tasks:
  • Provide pre-internship orientation and advice to the Student Intern.
  • Assess the Student Intern's written reports by completing an Internship Assessment at the end of internship.
  • Be one of the assessors in Student Interns' Oral Presentation Seminar.
  • Advise on any special internship arrangement requested by the Student Intern / Agency Supervisor, if appropriate.

  1. How do I get the portfolio of the Student Intern?
    Student Intern information together with the Guidelines on Internship Supervision and Internship Handbook will be provided by the Faculty to the Faculty Supervisor after the confirmation of internship details. Internship Assessment portfolio together with the intern's written reports will be provided for your assessment after the end of internship.

  2. How regular I need to communicate with the Student Intern?
    Students are encouraged to take initiative to maintain a regular communication with the Faculty Supervisor for learning status update thorough the internship. In order to have a better understanding of the learning progress of the Student Intern, Faculty Supervisor can also communicate with the intern via email /phone or by visiting the intern at the partner organisation. For supervisors who have conducted on-site visit at the partner organisation during the internship, a travel allowance per visit will be provided by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

  3. How do I assess the performance of my Student Intern?
    Assessment of Student Intern is an “assessment for learning”. It is aimed at helping students reflect on their own experiences, discover their strengths and weaknesses and contribute to their personal and professional growth.

    Internship Assessment includes internal evaluations by the Faculty Supervisor and the Faculty (50%) and external evaluations by the Agency Supervisor (50%). More specific assessment requirements are as follows:

    Assessment by the University
    Internal Asssessment by the University (50%)
    1.1 Evaluation by Faculty Supervisor (45%)
    I. Orientation Report
    II. Final Report (Progress Report)
    III. Communication with the Faculty Supervisor
    IV. Oral Presentation
    1.2 Evaluation by the Faculty of Social Sciences (5%)
    V. Overall Commitment

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    Deadline of assessment reports from Faculty Supervisors
    Internship Period Submission Deadline
    Semester 2, AY 2020-21 4 May 2020
    Summer, 2020 4 Sep 2020
    Semester 1, AY 2020-21 4 Dec 2020