Why SSI?

    The Social Sciences Internship (SSI) is designed for Social Sciences undergraduate students to put their knowledge and skills into practice and to gain on-the-job experience in an internship.

Flexible · Real Work · Experience

  • Develop a good understanding of the real world
  • Integrate classroom knowledge with practical work experiences
  • Equip for future career with presentable contents in the CV
  • Develop social awareness, critical thinking and analytical ability
  • Improve communication, problem-solving and leading skills
  • Enhance personal growth and competiveness
  • Achieve interdisciplinary learning through taking non-major related internship
  • Flexible to opt for credit or non-credit bearing internship according to study schedule

Training Workshops and Pre-Internship Briefing

    Pre-internship training will be provided for the Student Interns to acquire the business etiquette, resume writing, interview skills and interpersonal skills required for succeeding in a workplace. Internship-related information will be released in Pre-internship briefing or in the Online System.

To obtain Credits and Experience at the same time

    Student Interns can gain the real-work experience and obtain credits from the internship at the same time by undertaking credit bearing internship via Social Sciences Internship.


    Student Interns can acquire real-work experience and valuable advices by the guidance of Internship Supervisor and Agency Supervisor.