E-resources provide you useful information for preparing yourself in searching internship opportunity, writing CV and cover letter and performing in interview. Study the following selected e-resources to grasp every great opportunity ahead! Having well preparation is essential for obtaining a greater learning in the internship.

How to begin

Internships provide you an opportunity to receive on-the-job training. This work helps you find a job or career in the field for which you have trained. Interns are often hired by the company or organisation that provided the internship. You could plan your internship begins with knowing the types of internships, which include unpaid internships to summer internships.

  1. Decide on what internship programme suits you best. Decide what you want from the experience and how the internship will fit into your time and schedule.

  2. Begin searching for internships based on the type of internship you are seeking.

    Check the eligibility requirements for the internship you are seeking. Fill in an internship application that clearly states why you are seeking the internship, work experience and other internships along with your CV for your internship.

  3. Consider your learning objectives for the internship and send application.

  4. Prepare for your interview (see How to prepare yourself).

How to prepare yourself

Tips for preparing cover letter and resume

Interview Tips