Background and Rationale

Further enhances the Whole Person Education

Upholding the Whole Person Education philosophy of the University, the Faculty of Social Sciences has established the Internship Programmes since 2005 for its undergraduate students. Taking the opportunity for the 3-3-4 curriculum reforms, the Faculty further enhances the Whole Person Education ethos and adopts an outcome-based approach by introducing the One Semester Off-Campus Programme (OSOC) under the new 4-year curriculum.

Extension of existing Off-Campus learning opportunities

Apart from the well-developed experiential or off-campus learning practices in some academic programmes under the Faculty of Social Sciences, plenty of non-curriculum-related off-campus learning activities are organised by different organisations. OSOC aims to provide more updated information for students to develop their talent and competency, and encourage them to gain further exposure through different off-campus or outside classroom learning options, such as exhange, internship and community studies programmes, during their university life.

About One Semester Off-Campus Programme (OSOC)


One Semester Off-Campus Programme (OSOC) is a strategy in whole-person development by encouraging the undergraduate students in the Faculty of Social Sciences to opt for the off-campus learning experience according to their interests and study plans for at least one semester during their university life.